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Each year Anglers from all over the world come to the kenai peninsula to chase the mighty kenai king salmon ,and never get to experience the awesome kasilof king salmon fishing just 11 miles away from the kenai both rivers are great but totally different.Kasilof kings are smaller on average than there kenai cousins but typically easier to catch,its not uncommon to have ten and twelve fish days.When you combine these numbers with drift boat style fishing I think you will find it a really cool fishery. The Kasilof River has two runs of Kings just like the Kenai River the majority of fishing takes place in the first run which is may and June. At this time we have some wild fish and a large number of hatchery fish entering the River.The River is typically fairly low and the kings are very abundant, they are nice chrome fish and run between 15 and 25 pounds always great fighters! Then in July the Kasilof has a second run of Kings,the second run kings are all wild fish and more resemble the Kenai fish in size with 30 and 40 pound fish being common and bigger ones caught every year. In July the river is flowing much heavier than in may and June which makes landing these big kings a challenge for sure. In all the Kasilof is a very nice river to fish kings on and I highly recommend spending a day or two on the the Kasilof River when your here fishing with me. Lets go drift the Kasilof together this summer in Alaska!

Where it's at.

This trip begins and ends in friendly Soldotna, Alaska, home to the Kenai River and the world's largest Salmon catch.

What's included.

License and stamps

Both residents and non-residents age 16 or older must possess a Sport Fishing License for this trip. State residents age 60 or older who maintain their residency may participate without a Sport Fishing License, however must possess an ADF&G Permanent ID Card. Permanent ID Card applications are available only at Fish and Game offices.

Guide service

This trip is provided by Jim Rusk Fishing. Jim is a native Alaskan who has fished the Kenai and Kasilof rivers since he was a boy. He’s been guiding anglers on these Kenai Peninsula rivers since 1987. You will find guide service reflects strongly his long-lived passion for the area's fishing. Remember, your guide is there to ensure you have a safe fishing trip.

Boat, tackle and bait

Drift aboard a 20' hand-crafting Willie Boat. These boats are very wide, making them stable and roomy, so fishing is quite comfortable. You'll enjoy the Bentley seats, diamond plate flooring, plenty of dry storage and other features.

Fish processing and shipment

Your catch is carefully cleaned, filleted and/or steaked, then vacuum sealed for maximum protection against freezer burn. The fish is flash frozen and shipped overnight to your choice location. 1 to 2 days trip includes processing up to 25 pounds and 3 to 4 day trip includes processing up to 50 pounds.


Make yourself at home in one of four newly renovated cabins on the Kenai River. Each cabin is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, shower and toilet. In addition, there is a fully-equipped community kitchen on the property. A grated walkway provides easy access to fishing and there are cleaning stations and freezer space available. The property is family-friendly and includes a fire pit and several grills.

Things to bring.

More information, coming soon.

More fun to do.

The Soldotna area offers a variety of activities and the people will make you feel right at home. Exploring the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is amazing, whether by hike or a scenic flight. Clam digging along the beaches of Cook Inlet can be fun for the entire family. Wildlife viewing is always an option, whether it is the exhilarating sight of a bear or the relaxing sound of the American Dipper. Also, glacier tours and snow skiing are less than a day away.